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My Top picks on The Voice (so far..)

NBC’s The Voice is all about finding new artists and giving them the chance to make it big (though whether or not they actually do is a totally different story).

I love the show and the idea behind it so here’s my top 5 favorite new artists on this season of The Voice.

5. Preston Pohl

This guy has got style and soul. Combine that with the type of voice he has, there so many different styles of music that he could sing.

4. Stephanie Anne Johnson

I can’t really put my finger on it, but for some reason I really like her (other than the fact she’s a great singer). Here’s a link to her rendition of Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones she performed during the Knockouts.

3. Nic Hawk

Every season of this show has the unconventional singer, and Nic is that artist this time around.

2. Tessanne Chin

This girl has got some power behind her voice! Plus she used to be a back-up singer for Jimmy Cliff. And who can’t fall in love with that Jamaican accent.

1. Matthew Schuler

He comes from a gospel background, but rocks it out when he gets on stage. Check out his magical (to quote Christina) performance of Stars by Florence and the Machine during the Knockout round (he’s the first performer on the video).

Check out this homeless guys emotional performance of Radiohead’s Creep.

He was featured on The Opie & Anthony show, a talk radio program that frequently uses homeless people in their program (they used to do a homeless shopping spree every year).

Apparently they were looking for talented homeless people like that guy who had the perfect radio voice. They asked him if he had a talent and he said that he was musician. They gave him a guitar and this is what happened.

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Combining chillingly metallic electro beats with her sultry R&B vocals, L.A. based artist Kelela Mizanekristos’ name is buzzing all around with the release of her first album, CUT 4 ME. Going simply by Kelela when performing, she has been featured all over the net, getting interviewed by sites like Pitchfork and The Guardian.

For CUT 4 ME, Kelela collaborated with underground bass DJ’s (many of whom are signed to the same label, Fade to Mind) giving it a darker electronic feel which she juxtaposes against her vocals: using sexy R&B vocals over a haunting beat or a smooth vocal over a heavy bass electronic beat.

The album is out now and available on the iTunes store. You can listen to more tracks from the album on the Fade to Mind website or Kelela’s SoundCloud.

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Just for fun, here’s GRMLN’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

Taken from SoundCloud

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Even though winter is right around the corner and summer is just a distant memory, I can never get enough of that sunny, easy-going driving sound to get me through a long drive or bus ride.

Started by Southern Cali native Yoodoo Park, GRMLN combines Southern Californian surf-rock with nostalgia for his Japanese roots (he was born in Kyoto and returns to Japan each summer), producing a punk-y, pop-rock sound perfect for cruising around and making the coming winter months seem a little bit warmer.

Hand Pistol (included in this post) comes from his second album, Empire, which is more rock influenced than his first album, Explore, which had more of a dream-pop feel to it.

You can check out his songs on the Carpark Records SoundCloud and get his albums off of their website or iTunes.

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To start things off, say hello to Nappy Hair.

Back in 2011, Ave Live (producer), Peter Parker (Rapper) & Bosqo (Vocalist) named their group Nappy Hair as a metaphor for the raw, natural, and coarse nature of the music that the group produced.

Since then, the group has grown in numbers and evolved. The guys no longer consider Nappy Hair to be the name of the group, but the name of the sound they create: the natural sound of honest emotion. 

Self-proclaimed as a neo-soul group, these guys combine rap, hip-hop and R&B with a little bit of funk and soul to create their unique sound. With their laid-back beats and smooth flows, Nappy Hair’s sound has been compared to old-school groups like A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul.

You can get a sample of their sound from their song “Ice Cream Shop” in this post, but check out their bandcamp for free (and legal) downloads of their two albums, nappy hour and AUTUMN “The Ave Life EP”, or head to their SoundCloud for tracks and freestyles not on the albums.

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